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Did you know?

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Sargent Avenue has been a busy transit route since the West End’s early days. In the early 1900s, electric streetcars ran from downtown to Valour Road. In the late 1930s, Sargent Avenue became the first street in Winnipeg to cover the streetcar rails with pavement for the city’s new trolley buses. Today you can cycle this historic route and take in some of the small businesses and restaurants that occupy one of the West End’s busiest streets.


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Central Park is located between Downtown and the West End neighbourhood. This park was created in 1894 as a way to add public greenspace to the cities expanding central area. At the time, it was surrounded by stunning Queen Anne style homes and apartment buildings, and you can still see remnants of these buildings today. Come check out the many things the park has to offer, such as the lowered playing field with turf making it a great place to strike up a soccer game, hang out under the trees, or view pieces of history’s past such as the Waddell Fountain. 

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